Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty for the MSEI are affiliated with the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Earth & Planetary Sciences in the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Baskin School of Engineering.
Michael M Oye

Research Interests

  • Current research interests involve Nanotechnology-based materials and devices for applications involving Solar, Piezo, Graphene, Lighting, and Chemical Sensors.

Biography, Education and Training

Prof. Oye's research posts include University of California Santa Barbara (1998-2000), IBM Research Division (1999), The University of Texas at Austin (2000-2007), University of California Los Angeles (2007-2008), the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC/ELORET) at NASA Ames Research Center (2008-present), and as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at University of California Santa Cruz (2011-present). His research area for the past 14 years involves electronic materials processing of dielectrics and semiconductors for both opto- and nano-electronic device applications. His research publications have been cited nearly 300 times just in the past 5 years alone.

B.S., Chemical Engineering (UCSB-1999)
B.S., Chemistry (UCSB-2000)
M.S., Materials Science & Engineering (Texas-2002)
Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering (Texas-2006)
Postdoc, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Texas-2007)
Postdoc, Materials Science & Engineering (UCLA-2008)
Lecturer, Materials Science & Engineering (UCLA-2008)
Lecturer (AY-B), Chemical and Materials Engineering (SJSU, 2009-present)
Professor (Asst. Adj.), Electrical Engineering (UCSC, 2011-present)

Selected Presentations

  • Introduction to Materials Engineering (Semiconductors; SJSU, May 2011)
  • NASA Now Minute: Nanotechnology and Space

Teaching Interests

Professor Oye is also a Lecturer at San Jose State University, where he teaches both Graduate and Undergraduate courses in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. This semester, Fall 2011, he is teaching an undergraduate course (MatE 25) titled Introduction to Materials Engineering. Past Graduate courses at SJSU include MatE 215 (Electronic Materials Engineering) and MatE 265 (Fundamentals of Nanomaterials)
Prior to SJSU, Professor Oye was a Lecturer at UCLA, where he taught a course on Processing of Electronic Materials (MSE 122, Winter 2008) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.